Young Engineer Project 2020

November 2020

Well done to everyone in the class for working so well within your pods to come up with some great engineering ideas!

Christmas Art 2020!

Hedgehog Hotel!

16ú Márta 2021

Dale Treadwell and the his March wildlife webinar series inspired us to create a hedgehog hotel or hibernaculum. We recycled some wood to construct the hibernaculum, and painted it green to help camouflage it. We choose a quiet spot at the bottom of the school pitch to site our hibernaculum, and we covered it with twigs, sticks, leaves and greenery to make it enticing for a hedgehog. We hope that hedgehogs will come and live in our hedgehog hotel, and so enhance the biodiversity of our school grounds.

Gardening and Creative Dance

18ú Márta 2021

Today we took full advantage of the dry weather and prepared our raised beds for planting. Hopefully we will get good weather next week to sow our carrots, turnips, beetroots and onions before the Easter Holidays!

We also worked on travelling on various pathways and levels today, and then created fantastically creative dance routines!

23ú Márta 2021

We were lucky with the weather today and were able to sow our turnip, carrot and beetroot seeds. We hope that they will start to grow soon, and that we’ll get some warm weather to help them grow!

21ú Aibreán 2021

Today we constructed 3D Shapes from straws and Blu Tack! We made cubes, squared based pyramids, triangular based pyramids and triangular prisms. We discussed the properties of all of these 3D shapes.

30ú Aibreán 2021

We have formed clay pieces based on our favourite games and pastimes, and were inspired by the games we learned about in our parents’ and grandparents’ times. We then painted our pieces.