Today children from 5th and 6th classes headed off to Ballycastle to visit the Céide Fields and the Ballinglen Arts Foundation.

6th Class headed to the Céide Fields first where they were treated to an expert guided tour around the neolithic site, learning about the fields, houses and tombs hidden under the bog for centuries. We also saw an audio-visual presentation and had a quick stop in the cafe, before peering over the edge of the cliff on our way back to Ballycastle.

Meanwhile, 5th Class were turned into cartographers and printers in Ballinglen as they got their inspiration from maps of, to name but a few, Mayo, Sligo, Iceland, Ohio, the Hundred Acre Woods and the mythical island of Brasil – off the coast of Ireland.

Midway through we switched locations and the stone age farmers became cartographers and artists and vice versa. 5th class even managed to avoid the rain!

It was a great day out and thank you to the staff of both the Céide Fields and Ballinglen for their expertise and patience!